Seat Fabric (MRO Project)

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For more than 50 years we have been working for the world leading airlines, supplying them with a vast range of products including fabrics for seats, curtains and headrests, fire blocking layers, fabrics for wall panel decoration and carpets.

The growth in the aviation sector has taught us a lot thanks to the continuous innovation of this sector that stimulates us to search constantly for new materials and production technologies.
Periodically we present to airlines and airliner manufacturer newly developed ideas and develop high technology products, such as machine washable fabrics, fabrics with anti-stain, antiviral and antimicrobial treatments and a range of lightweight products that are strategic in aviation for reducing weight and so reducing fuel consumption and costs.
The textile collections are complemented by the proposals in natural and synthetic leather, including a variety of different grains, colours, weights and qualities.

Manifattura Testori is one of the few companies in the world with the certifications required for the aviation sector and can carry out in its internal laboratory the main fire/smoke and physical-mechanical tests.

Color: Dark Blue

Sku: ILM-TST188-6346 139