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One Tree 3 Piece Straight Edge African Mahogany Wood Slab Table

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A three piece African Mahogany 2 inch slab top with straight edges and natural lines at center.

Our One Tree Limited Edition Collection is our most exclusive collection of unique furniture and accent pieces made from spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces of wood. Usual customers for this line are art collectors, high net worth individuals, or very high end hospitality projects.

After experiencing the dramatic waste of turning magnificent trees into conventional low value sawn lumber, we have decided to dedicate a specific line of products that celebrates the beauty of these unconventional trees and promotes the highest added value possible. This line of product only uses spectacular trees from Hurricanes stocks, from trees fallen as a result of natural causes and / or our sustainable forestry plantations.

Size: Large 42in. x 120in.

Base: TB-01

Sku: ILM-SMD260-WS-04212-AM-S2-TB01