Serge Ferrari

Batyline Elios Outdoor Fabric

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Serge Ferrari has created Batyline Elios, a new range in the Batyline family already well-known for its unique level of durability. With the added softness of Batyline Elios, your outdoor living space becomes a place of comfort where you can reconnect with yourself.

Batyline Elios is the ideal upholstery fabric for outdoor furniture such as sofas, chairs and cushions.

Inspired by the classic style of tweed suits Unique softness with unparalleled resistance

• Uniquely soft:
Elios’ patented weave combines Batyline performance and durability with a textured yarn to offer unique softness and high resistance.

• Exceptional resistance:
Batyline Elios has been subjected to the most stringent tests, guaranteeing its high performance design. It stands up to extreme abrasion, UV and mold.

• Easy to clean:
Batyline Elios is very easy to clean with everyday household cleaners, allowing you to enjoy your outside furniture with peace of mind in all seasons.

• Phthalate-free:
Like all Batyline products, Elios is phthalate free, ensuring healthy, care-free experience.

Texture: Graphic

Color: Basalt 51034

Sku: ILM-SRG255-BA-ELIOS-7740-51037