Serge Ferrari

Batyline Duo Twist Fabric

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Batyline durability with a vibrant look.

Batyline Duo is a resistant fabric, combining one warp thread and two weft threads for subtle colour combinations and a textile effect. 4 references with a twist effect: random weave, giving a flecked effect to the fabric.

Lounge chairs, dining chairs and accessories, office and desk chairs

• Durable: extreme outdoor resistance without sagging thanks to Serge Ferrari’s SmartYarn Technology.

• Elegant: sophisticated color depth,
a unique twist effect.

• Safe and sustainable: Batyline® Duo is phthalate free and recyclable at the end of its service life.

Texture: Canyon trail

Color: Cappuccino 5398

Sku: ILM-SRG255-BA-DUO-7301-5398