Circotherm Sauna Ventilation

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A KLAFS sauna might well leave you feeling breathless with delight. But with the variable CIRCOTHERM ventilation system, it will never leave you feeling breathless for the wrong reasons. At the press of a wooden button, air is drawn out of the interior of the sauna in three phases, all of which are draught-free. Numerous scientific studies have proven how important it is to have a good supply of fresh air in a hot environment. During the warming up phase, the exhaust vent of CIRCOTHERM can be closed to prevent energy from being wasted.

Sauna ventilation forms the basis for a good climate in your sauna. As air cools down and grows stale, it sinks. Hence the fan extractor for exhaust air used in this ventilation system is located in the lower half of the sauna. Fresh air, however, is drawn from outside directly into the sauna heater. Once it has warmed in the heater, it rises – bringing the ventilation cycle full circuit. In all saunas, air should be able to circulate adequately. Fresh air has to be drawn into the sauna in sufficient quantities, whilst stale air has to be extracted in equal measure. KLAFS CIRCOTHERM ventilation system is the perfect answer.

Type: Artificial Stone

Sku: ILM-KLF169-026