Slimline Weatherproof Hammock

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• The hammock SLIMLINE is safe, tilt-resistant, comfortable, and easy to get in and out. Ideal for light, heavy, small, and large people. Due to the sewn-in stainless steel brackets at both ends, you can even sit/lie almost upright in it and rest your arms on the sides. Very back-friendly to relax and read in it for many hours
• weatherproof hammock for 1 person
• safe, stable and non-tilting
• back-friendly, ergonomic lying quality
• semi-upright sitting possible, as an ideal reading position
• skin-friendly
• breathable micro-grid fabric
• pleasantly airy in the sun, non-sticky
• does not leave marks on the skin when lying down
• the complete hammock is insensitive to sun/UV, seawater, rain, snow
• easy to clean, robust, durable
• stainless steel spreader bars bent and sewn in
• Made in Germany

Color: Avocado