Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric

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Looking for a heater that offers the most effective heating technology, an award-winning design and very little light emission? You found it. With its ultra-slim, high-quality 304 stainless steel chassis and Schott tinted ceramic-glass screens, the award-winning Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric virtually disappears into its surroundings while delivering market-leading radiant heat output that will warm you and not the air – just like the sun.

Available in both black and white and two sizes (2300W and 3400W), this premium heater was specifically designed for low-clearance, semi-enclosed spaces and can be mounted with minimal clearance requirements.

Series and Size: 2300W-33 Inch

Color: Black

Rated Current: 208V (Commercial)

Sku: ILM-BRO49-BH0320019