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The Basics Collection has been designed because sometimes a project is on a budget-leash.

The Basics represent meticulously selected European quality oak while allowing some imperfections as knots and scars – significant moments in the evolution of a tree – which we want to celebrate.

We invite you to discover how our Basics allows any project to obtain a high standard oak flooring at democratic prices.

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"Plywood: 100% Birch waterproof quality, D4 adhesives",Adhesive: D3,Connection boards: Tongue and Groove sytem,Bevel: Micro bevels on long sides (GO2)
Finish: UV Oil + oxidative oil,Timber Specie: European Oak,GRADING SPECS: - Grow defects: 15/150 mm - Knots: < 35mm - Heart stripes: 30% - Sap Wood: 10W/400L mm - Water spots: yes/few - Worn holes: no - Yellow: a bit 20% - Drying Stripes: no - Color Difference: Contrast - Open Holes on sides: 1 mm - Head Cracks: no - Rouge: 5% - Dosse: Yes - Mirrors: Yes,Reaction to Fire: - CFL-S1 - Documentation: EN 13501,Characteristics enabling the classification: - Average minimum mass volume (Kg/m3) - Minimal thickness (mm) - Conditions of application - Glued on subfloor - Documentation: EN 14342 : 2013,Formaldehyde emission: - E1 - Documentation: EN 717-1,Level of pentachlorophénol: - PCP ≤ 5 ppm,Official usage class: - 31 - Documentation: NF EN 685,Emission other dangerous substances: - Emission COV - Emission CMR 1&2 - Classe A+ < 1μg/m3 - Documentation: ISO 16000,Thermal conductivity (W/m.K): - 0.14 - Documentation: EN 14342 / Chapter 4.7,Thermal resistance (m2.K/W): - 0.092 - Documentation: EN 14342 / Chapter 4.7,Biologic durability - Risk classifcation 1 - EN 335,"The performances of the product identified above are conforme the declared performances. Following the EU rules n° 305/2011, the present declaration is established unther the responsability of the mentionned manufacturer declared above. Signed for the manufacturer: Peter MUYS - Director of the technical office Oscar Ono in Paris"
- Wood products: 8-12% moisture - Ideal indoor environment: 40-60% humidity - Indoor only use only - Area: Avoid high humid areas, like spa - Traffic: Residential, commercial on request CLEANING & MAINTENANCE We recommend daily cleaning of the Oscar Ono floor by hovering the surface and gaps. Excessive dirt can be removed by cleaning with water like you should do on a regular wooden floor. We recommend a humid soft microfiber cloth using a mix of water and neutral soap. Mop the floor to remove trapped dust in the grain. Avoid using excessive amount of water, as this might trap water between the gaps of the pattern. Just some minor spill of water into the gaps is no problem and will evaporate in time. The gaps allow the floor to extend and shrink causing no damage by regular cleaning as mentioned above. Always avoid using cleaning materials containing alcohol, stain removers, acetone, trichlorethylene, ammonia, bleach and detergents that contain bleach. Never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers on a wooden floor. Maintenance depends on intensity of the traffic on your floor, but we recommend at least an extensive cleaning and visual check once a year. When there are noticeable signs of wear, you will need to occasionally apply a product such as Sayerlack LINEA BLU, product code: HH8012/00 or any substitute as f.e. “Bona Freshen Up”. This is easy to do with an applicator pad or suitable mop and will revive a scratched and dull surface and provide continued protection against wear. Your floor will need approximately 2 hours to dry after this kind of treatment. SCRATCHES AND DAMAGED PIECES It may occur that after time some pieces may be scratched or damaged. Pieces can always be replaced by skilled labor. Professional Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/1q3pyVegTv8 Excessive wear and tear of the floor can be repaired by sanding the floor and revarnish it. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND URETHANE FINISH ON OPUS PANELS
CERTIFICATION COMPLIANCE: - PEFC or FSC: On Request - CE: EN 14342 - VOC Emissions: E1/ ISO 16000 - Fire Resistance Rating: Dfl-S1 - Brinell Hardness Rating: N/A - Thermal Resistance: N/A,CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY: N° 181111-1EN,Product identification name: COLLECTION BASICS,Product application: Technical wood flooring elements following EN 13489,Certificate Holder: Oscarono Paris,Manufacturer: Oscarono Paris,Applicable standard: EN 14343:2013,Date of issuance: January 2021

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