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The World’s Premier Hospitality and Marine B2B Marketplace

Global reach, innovative virtual product development technology, seamless order management, backed by immersive showrooms in Miami, Hamburg, and the metaverse. All with a firm dedication to sustainability and circularity. Innovation Lounges Marketplace is the future of hospitality, marine, travel, and real estate purchasing.

A complete digital and real-world ecosystem for brands and clients

Live Immersive Brand Showrooms in Miami and Hamburg

To fully know a product, one must experience it live. Whether furniture, decor, art or architectural surface, the Innovation Lounges bring brands together into a curated multi-environment showroom experience where clients can touch, feel and live our brand member products. Co-work design rooms and meeting spaces allow our brands and clients to build trust allowing for the most creative, collaborative, and productive long-term business relationships.

Best-in-class brands we proudly represent

Virtual 3D Brand Visualization in the Metaverse

As we roll out the Innovation Lounges Marketplace platform over the coming year, we will launch various virtual prototyping features empowering our brands and clients to take product customization and environmental visualization into an augmented future. In late March, clients will visualize and use augmented reality to view their customized purchases in the real world. ILM will allow clients to save and share 3D configurations of products to accelerate design development while helping to reduce each product’s carbon footprint and speed up time to market.

Seamless Purchasing from Multiple Vendors

Seamless Multi-Vendor Contract Purchasing

Our multi-vendor purchasing platform makes it easy and seamless to order customized contract products from as many of our brands as you’d like. After a contract order is verified and a deposit is paid, Innovation Lounges Marketplace sends orders and deposit payments to each brand in your shopping basket, and documents your purchase history for easy re-ordering. With each purchase, the ILM Platform sends detailed product information to each vendor to ensure consistency and brand cohesion. Multi-Vendor product customization and contract purchasing has never been easier.

We’re Committed to the Digital Transformation of the Industry We Love