wallPen: From Garage Startup to Global Wall Printer Leader

Born in a Wissen garage in 2016, wallPen GmbH has stormed the international scene with its innovative wallPen® E2 vertical printer. This "Made in Germany" marvel boasts 15 patents and transforms any wall into a vibrant canvas, used in 45+ countries.

Print anything, anywhere - metal, plaster, glass, you name it - with razor-sharp details or soft gradients. Patented tech ensures flawless results, while the user-friendly app puts control in your hands via tablet.

wallPen goes beyond printing, offering customized solutions for diverse industries. Their eco-friendly ink eliminates waste, is scratch-resistant, and requires no harmful films.

Award-winning and recognized as an innovation leader, wallPen proves "Made in Wissen" means global quality. Experience the future of wall design - with wallPen.


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