Founded in 1904 near Milan, Manifattura Testori has brought to life many ambitious and important projects, taking Italian taste and craftsmanship around the world right from the beginning of the 20th century. In the historical site of Novate Milanese, still today the operating headquarter of the Company, in the first decades of the past century, production concentrated on fabrics for interior furnishings and, later, on those for railways and cruise ships. Then, between the 1950s and 1960s, Testori began working also with the aviation sector, firstly with Air France and Alitalia and later with the other world leading airlines.


The entry into the marine market was a significant turning point for the Company, directing it increasingly towards a cross-sectorial R&D approach for high technological contents products for the Transportation industry (cruise ships, aircrafts, trains and buses). This ability to cultivate innovation, while maintaining the traditional values of “made in Italy”, has always been the specific target of Manifattura Testori Design department that constantly creates new collections for the various application sectors as well as custom made products on request.


 Manifattura Testori supplies a vast range of products including fabrics for upholstery, curtains, headboards, bed skirts, bed runners as well as wall coverings and wall carpets. Periodically we present to Cruise Lines and Yards the latest products technical features such as durability, light weight, machine washability, stain and oil repellency, antimicrobial and antiviral and sustainability characteristics. Testori full-equipped internal technological laboratory, in addition to the main physical-mechanical and chemical tests, carries out fire resistance tests to certify textiles and assembled products (aviation Oil Burner Test) as a 3rd party laboratory service.