Shores Global



Furnishing The Hospitality Industry – Shores is a manufacturer of luxury Marine Grade furnishing and cushions for the hospitality industry – cruise ships, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Keeping true to the Scandinavian roots we focus on design, extreme durability, sustainability, and overall guest experiences.

Shaped By The Cruise Industry – For more than a decade, Shores have had the privilege of supplying the world’s leading cruise lines and hotels with outdoor/indoor furniture and fabrics. Shores has invaluable knowledge, and our experience is always at your service!

Meeting Lead Times – Delivery deadlines are always important, but nowhere more so than in the cruise industry. Arrival at the port of call even a few hours late can mean the ship has sailed on – presenting facility management with all sorts of problems. Missing a delivery deadline is not an option! Shores at its heart knows that logistics, delivery, and customer service are some of the most important aspects supplying the hospitality industry.

Durable and Sustainability – All offerings exceed IMO guidelines. Furnitures and fabrics are all over the world, and it must hold up and look good in any environment. Selections of furniture covers all ranges of hospitality needs!

Shores offer a full collections and customizable options for any application. There are wide range of products features furniture for any application, in a variety of styles and materials. Whatever your needs are they can deliver. With contacts around the globe, they can source and deliver products most companies do not have access to.