Limonta S.p.A. was established in Costa Masnaga (Lecco, Italy) in 1893.

The firm is innovation and diversification oriented, specialized in the integration between chemistry and textile, and its areas of expertise range from clothing to accessories, footwear, home furnishing and textile, wallpapers, automotive and sports. During its 130 years of steady growth in one of the most traditional European textile areas, the company also produced jacquard patterns and velvet, special and flat weaves.

Passion, creativity, and innovation are the components orienting production, and are always carried out with a focus on process and product sustainability. Limonta regularly invests in production technologies with low environmental impact, contributing to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, internally generating electricity through three photovoltaic plants and a cogeneration plant, and recycling all the waste produced, reusing, or disposing of it in a sustainable manner. Today the Group has eight production facilities and two commercial offices in Shanghai and New York.