Just the sky and the sea, as far as the eye can see – a person taking a cruise is deciding to expand his/her horizons, in the truest sense of the word, but most importantly, to wind down and forget the worries of everyday life for a while. Only when you feel completely at ease can you relax and gather new energy. These aspects play an important role not only on the high seas, but also in the hotel industry, for example. The perfect degree of relaxation requires surface materials that are impressive on all levels. The technology company Continental, which was founded in 1871, has dedicated itself to this idea in its Interior Living segment. Here, the focus is on high-tech upholstery materials that ideally combine design and function, as well as setting an example for sustainability.

Super soft feel, elegant look – in the development of the innovative skai artificial leather products, design and function have a harmonious symbiosis. Whether we are talking about the high level of scratch and abrasion resistance, ease of care, light fastness, or resistance to disinfectants, the products are robust and impressive both with their inner values as well as their high-quality visual appearance. Skai materials are also a good choice with regard to safety, because many of them meet the IMO Fire Retardancy Standard, which is important for the cruise industry, and the Building Materials Standard 4102 (B1), which is obligatory in the hotel industry.