Ascent: Movement upward to a higher state, degree, grade, or status; advancement.
Mission: Committed to the advancement of emerging artists and their art.
Art has a recorded history going back 40,000 years. From the time of the dawn of humanity, artists have sought to leave something of beauty; visions that challenge, inspire, and leave an eternal legacy.

Perhaps only the control of fire predates art as a uniquely human achievement. To exist, fire needs spark, air, and fuel. For art to exist, it needs someone to create it, a place to be seen, and a way for the viewer to make it a part of the viewer’s reality. Every generation has an opportunity to preserve, create, and inspire art for the next generation.

Motivated by a passion for art, nAscent Art New York founders, Jennifer and James Wallace, have realized a vision of creativity, commerce, and good karma. nAscent brings visions to reality, working with artists, real estate developers, hospitality brands, interior designers, architects–anyone interested in adding to a legacy of art and fanning the flames. nAscent serves as spark, air, and fuel for art by placing fine art by emerging artists in the finest places.

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