Innovation Lounges: The Success Story of Member Steven Davies

In this insightful interview, Steven Davies, Head of Sales at Waterbury Bathroom Accessories, shares his experience with Innovation Lounges, a leading B2B marketplace fostering partnerships in the hospitality industry. 

Welcome, Steven. It's a pleasure to have you share your experience with Innovation Lounges. Reflecting back to the beginning, what attracted you first to this unique platform?

Steven: Absolutely and thank you for having me. When Waterbury was venturing into the cruise industry, we found ourselves in discussion with a ship company in Fort Lauderdale. It was then that we heard about Susan and her groundbreaking concept, Innovation Lounges. The idea of a one-stop shop in the hospitality space, especially for cruise and hotel projects, immediately caught our attention. We were already considering establishing a presence in Miami, aiming to deepen our involvement in the cruise industry. After setting up a call with Susan, we were captivated by the concept. The idea of a joint showroom significantly appealed to us because it offers a unique advantage, allowing clients to explore a broader range of suppliers in one location.

It sounds like Innovation Lounges opened new doors for Waterbury right from the start. How has being a part of this marketplace facilitated new connections for your business?

Steven: Susan has been influential in introducing us to key players within the cruise industry. In the early days, when our network was limited, her introductions to significant figures and businesses were invaluable. Thanks to Susan, we've forged solid relationships with companies like Tillberg Design of Sweden. Her long standing relationships within the industry, including with entities like Shores Global, have opened many doors for us, not just in the cruise sector but also in the hotel industry. The opportunities have been vast and varied.

That is fantastic to hear, Steven. Can you recount any memorable moments or experiences that stand out during your time with ILM?

Steven: There have been several standout moments, but the trip to Mexico where we visited RCD hotels remains particularly memorable. Additionally, we have been attending lunch and learns with top companies from all over the world. Observing Susan speak about Innovation Lounges, and the positive reactions this received, was inspiring. The networking events at the Miami lounge have also been remarkable, offering a vibrant space for interactions and showcasing the strong community we have.

Speaking of the community aspect, how would you describe the dynamics within Innovation Lounges?

Steven: The community at Innovation Lounges is tightly knit.  Regular interactions, whether through calls to exchange ideas or meetings when we're in the same vicinity, are common. This fosters not just professional connections but also enriches our personal lives. The community thrives on a culture of information sharing and mutual support. Members often step in to assist one another, from sharing leads to advocating for each other's services in discussions with potential clients. This collaborative spirit is a testament to the community's strength and its commitment to mutual growth. It's about building meaningful connections and supporting one another's development.

Steven, for those contemplating joining Innovation Lounges, what advice would you offer?

Steven: I'd encourage them to dive in wholeheartedly. Engage fully with the community, participate actively, and make the most of the networking opportunities. The success of Innovation Lounges hinges on our collective involvement and the strength of our collaborations. It's crucial to integrate oneself into the community, connect with others, and contribute to collective success. With everyone bringing in new clients and actively participating, we can achieve incredible things together. In today's fast-paced world, where it's becoming increasingly challenging to allocate time for individual supplier meetings, the convenience of a one-stop shop like Innovation Lounges is invaluable.

Thank you, Steven, for sharing your insights and experiences with Innovation Lounges. 

Steven: Happy to share. Thank you for having me.