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Tortuga Festival Partners with Renuable and Lean Orb to Save Our Oceans

Tortuga Festival Partners with Renuable and Lean Orb to Save Our Oceans

Miami, FL, May 17, 2022 – Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival is an annual music event held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The festival drew its typical 35,000 fans each day. This year, the organizers partnered with two local companies Lean Orb and Renuable.

Lean Orb is a compostable foodservice packaging company supplying festivals, hotels, schools, restaurant groups and other businesses that are serving food and drinks on-the-go.

Renuable is a Florida-based compost community that offers curbside organic waste pick-up and converts it into a sustainable landscaping amendment and fertilizer to improve our local soil and water ecosystems.

The partnership had an incredible impact for the local and global communities this year:

  • Since all food vendors as well as the bar were using compostable packaging goods, more than 204,000 units of single-use plastics were prevented from entering the local landfill. Products included: cups, food boats, utensils, straws and other catering supplies.
  • Tortuga Music Festival is responsible for the diversion of roughly 30,240 pounds or 15.12 tons of waste, which is about 26,611 pounds of carbon dioxide not going into the atmosphere. (The EPA calculates this diversion to be equivalent to growing 2000 trees for a year, or the amount of carbon that 14.3 acres of US Forests could sequester over a whole year).
  • The group provided volunteer assistance for nearly 18 commercial food vendors on site with proper training and consultation on packaging and food waste.
  • 35,000 people were educated on how to party sustainably.