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Shores Refreshes the Future of Hospitality

Shores Refreshes the Future of Hospitality

With localized supply chains, sustainable wood composites, refreshment and eco-design, commercial furniture company Shores Global is trailblazing the future of hospitality circularity

Miami, FL, May 9, 2022 – The future of hospitality is sustainable and Shores Global is spearheading the mission anchored in a transition to localized supply chains to produce furniture using sustainable raw materials, refreshing existing furniture for reuse, and eco-design.

Supply chain reliability is a major problem these days. The uncertainty hinders process, productivity, and increases time at port. In a visionary move by Shores Global founder, Susan Sadolin, Shores has spent the last year forging new supply chains, local to the Western hemisphere, utilizing more sustainable materials like Sustainable Wood Composite (SWC), a circular substitute for wood products, as well as FSC Certified teak and other hardwoods. This allows Shores customers a whole array of benefits, including lower shipping costs, shorter production and delivery timelines, reduced time to market, reliability, easy access for visiting factories, and excellent customer service.

While furniture frames can last for decades, not even the best fabrics and sling survive as long. Shore’s REFRESH program reduces waste by reusing, and refurbishing existing furniture frames right here in Florida to give these valuable products new life. Shore’s fabric supplying members offer a vast cornucopia of colors and textures, allowing clients to transform old, drab pieces into something magically new.

Pioneering pathways toward pervasive Eco-Design, Shores looks to work together and communicate openly with everyone involved in a product’s life cycle, in order to fully understand and implement ways to better design products. The intention is to determine which materials are better, longer lasting, and require less maintenance. Shores is dedicated to the development of furniture that is easier to reuse, refresh, and repurpose before the product has even been manufactured, let alone used. Stay tuned for the Shores Indoor Furniture collection that does away with glues and connectors are a part of the eco-design.

Founded in Denmark, Shores Global is a Miami-based purveyor of commercial-grade indoor and outdoor furniture for the Marine and Land Hospitality Industries and Private Yachts. Future-focused, Shores pushes the circularity envelope with localized sourcing, sustainable wood composites, furniture REFRESHment initiatives, and a firm dedication to eco-design. Shores’s enduring philosophy is a dedication to the timely delivery of the highest quality products at very competitive pricing, and excellent service.