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Radici Marine x Bali Marine Life Set the Vibe for DKR and Shores by Liu Jo

Radici Marine x Bali Marine Life Set the Vibe for DKR and Shores by Liu Jo

Against the natural tones of the green wall and wooden hanging bed, the use of color in the booth was limited and deliberate in its palette. Areas with the most dramatic use of color included the carpet, couch and decorative throws and pillows. The placement of these products were not strictly defined from an early stage, but rather were picked up along the way as the booth came together. The original idea for the booth intended to contain only the colors that were seen in the carpet.

The carpet in question was designed using Radici Marine’s Carpet Studio, with ILM’s TIMØ Ronan developing the design, drawing inspiration from colorful Balinese marine life. The carpet began its life simply as an image on a computer, altered with just a few clicks of a button.

The carpet’s heavy marine influence can be seen clearly through the inspiration images, which, paired with careful decision making and creativity, brought the beautiful piece to life, taking the carpet from a digital idea to a real, incredibly crafted piece. This would not have been possible without Radici’s platform, which allows customers to completely customize their own one-of-a-kind carpet using their latest designs and custom color palettes.

When putting together palettes and ideas, it was important to ensure that each piece was emphasized, but not overwhelming, and unique, but still cohesive. Brand members took on this challenge, with DKR’s CEO using the carpet and its colors as an inspiration for the blankets and throws that she carefully chose to be included. This process even led to the coincidental inclusion of Lu Joi’s own couch, as the company was so drawn in by the look that brand member’s had worked on for the booth, they wanted to join. When it finally came together, the result was a beautiful, biophilic design that represented weeks of effort and collaboration.