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Miami’s Lean Orb Looks to Reduce Plastic Waste by Making Composting Easy

Miami’s Lean Orb Looks to Reduce Plastic Waste by Making Composting Easy

By providing a wide range of compostable food and beverage packaging products and connecting clients with local composting facilities, Lean Orb creates a one-stop circularity solution.

Miami, FL, May 9, 2022 – Lean Orb is a compostable foodservice packaging platform powered by data and corporate education. The company is unique in their ability to both help enterprise-level customers validate their existing packaging goals, as well as supply a wide range of sustainable product solutions. As the leading voice on compostable packaging, Lean Orb ensures products and services take on a holistic approach to sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

The company specializes in catering supplies, to-go packaging and other convenient foodservice disposables. Among their most popular products are cups, plates, cutlery, bags, to-go boxes, straws and trays. Each are made with natural, sustainable materials such as sugar cane fiber, bamboo fiber, and banana leaf. Thus, Lean Orb is able to combine desire for convenient, single use materials with their mission to help the environment.

Sustainable, disposable packaging items and catering supplies offered by Lean Orb are technologically advanced, high-quality and backyard compostable. In addition, the company’s partnership with local compost farms in South Florida allows customers to properly compost the products at the end of their lifecycle. Most products will break down under 90 days, and the soil can later be used as a fertilizer for local farms in the region.

Lean Orb Co. is based in Miami, where, since 2017, founder and CEO Anastasia Mikhalochkina has led the company’s product development, design, and execution of strategic revenue plans bringing sustainable year-over-year growth. Anastasia has an extensive experience in sustainable packaging technologies, consultation on supply chain management, and expertise on product lifecycle analysis and responsible sourcing.