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Making the ILM CSI Booth & Party – BTS

Making the ILM CSI Booth & Party – BTS

In the last 2 weeks leading up to the CSI exposition, ILM’s booth plans were constantly shifting around, while dozens of tweaks were made daily. It was no simple task to ensure the booth and party would be successful, with just a fraction of the process including coordinating international shipments of the the products, wrapping the truck, getting sustainable wristbands for the afterparty made, organizing what was to be taken to and from the booth, making sure everything was within budget, and dealing with various tropical storms, mishaps and delays.

By the end of the planning stages, organizing shipping and keeping track of supplies coming in became the major focus. Making sure that everything was arriving in time and keeping track of what went where was vital. With a booth that was designed to feature the works of fourteen ILM brand members, it was most important that each brand was well represented; that their work was highlighted and that they had something to be proud of when they saw the booth. Brand members were incredibly helpful with this, eager to ensure their products were being represented with a display that was on par with their luxury design and craftsmanship.

One by one, these pieces came together. First to arrive was the customized Radici rug, with a color palette handpicked by ILM’s own TIMØ Ronan using Radici’s easy and innovative Carpet Studio platform. Next came the structure, the Shores teak sun lounger and Cabana, and wet box made from Baumtec USA’s sustainable wood composite.

Over the next several days, the sun-lounger and prototype were sent in, the cushions for the wet-box were being made, pieces were falling into place. All of this was just one step towards assembling the booth. Next came the transportation of each product to the event, using ILM’s newly wrapped truck which advertised the booth, as well each brand member.

Following this, of course, was setting up the booth at the CSI venue, a time consuming process requiring a great deal of effort, but with results that made it all worthwhile. With such a detailed and extraordinary vision of what the booth should look like, as well as such dedicated efforts to bring it to life, it is no shock that the actual booth was a wonderful success.