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Innovation Lounges ❤️ Cruise & Ferry Interiors

Innovation Lounges ❤️ Cruise & Ferry Interiors

Cruise & Ferry released the Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022 Digital Edition just before the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2022 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It was when we finally sat down with the print edition that we realized how much love Cruise and Ferry gave us. We’re humbled and honored that an industry-defining publication like Cruise and Ferry chose to celebrate our collective efforts.

Cruise & Ferry’s Shelly Palmer said of the feature, “We were delighted to feature the Miami Innovation Lounge on the front cover of our CFI Directory in the 2022 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. The lounge provides an amazing space to showcase some of the interior products used onboard passenger ships worldwide, so we felt it was a perfect fit with our CFI directory, which offers a comprehensive guide to companies working in the cruise and ferry interiors market.”


ILM Brand Member BROMIC produces the only LR Certified outdoor heater in existence, the award-winning Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Marine product line. Not only is this the perfect heating option for salty sea elements, but the product is also sleek and sexy, especially so when recessed into ceilings. With different sizes, mounting hardware, and remote control, BROMIC is taking yacht and cruise calefaction into the next century.


ILM Brand Member Dauerflora produces incredibly inspired greenery products, along with smart disinfectant dispensers, and elegant room dividers (that look even better when decorated with Dauerflora greenery). In the biophilic zeitgeist we’re currently living through, as is the case with all of our brand members, we’re proud to work with Dauerflora and amplify all of their efforts.

Shores & Hespera

ILM Brand Members Shores and Hespera are redefining the spearhead of the Cruise and Hospitality Industrys’ Circularity Charge. Shores, well-known as a discerning distributor of stylish IMO outdoor furniture, has reworked its supply chains to be more local, shifting production from Asia to Latin America and the EU, and offering furniture made from Sustainable Wood Composites. The Shores REFRESH program takes in existing furniture, like sun loungers and sun beds, and creates new cushions and pillows, produced locally in their Miami factory, using fabric from the finest textile suppliers. Meanwhile, Hespera is literally flipping the mattress market upside down by introducing a line of circular mattresses to help the cruise industry reduce their carbon footprint. The company, who made its name in private yachting, currently produces in both the EU and the US, even further reducing their global impact. With a range from crew to top suite and all in between, designed for lifetime use, and modularly constructed using no glues, Hespera mattresses redefine bedding with responsible foresight.


ILM Brand Member Gerflor is a recognized flooring supplier for their IMO-compliant floors. They are also REACH conform, which means that the chemicals used in production have been registered, evaluated and authorized by the European Chemical Agency. Gerflor is engaged in sustainability, using an average of 20% recycled materials in their 100% recyclable floor coverings, and using improved surface treatments, such as their patented Evercare which reduces maintenance costs considerably.

Transcend Cruises and Tillberg Design of Sweden

ILM client Transcend Cruises, a breakout group charter river cruise brand in Europe, and their world-renowned cruise architecture and interior design firm, Tillberg Design of Sweden, were prominently featured for synergizing and elevating the river cruise experience with their yacht-inspired river cruise ships, purpose built for group charters. As the shipyard metal cutting commences, the first of Transcend Cruises’ new ships will launch Spring 2024. Innovation Lounges is proud to work alongside these cruising juggernauts and bring the best of our brand members to the build out.

Innovation Lounges Fabric Room Covers the Cruise and Ferry Interiors Directory

When C&F suggested that a photo from the Innovation Miami Lounge Fabric Room could grace the cover of the Cruise and Ferry Interiors Directory, the entire ILM community was filled with feelings of healthy pride and woven goodness. Within an hour, we took a handful of photos and sent them to the C&F design team. They made ILM textile Brand Members, Serge Ferrari, Limonta, and Testori, as well as Shores suppliers, Agua, Posh, Magitex, Outdura, Edmund Bell, and Spradling, look so lavish, luxe and lovely.