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ILM❤️CSI P.S. Thanks For An Amazing Time FRFR

ILM ❤️ CSI P.S. Thanks For An Amazing Time FRFR

Excited conversation dominated the CSI floor, as attendees from all over the world came together at one of the most anticipated cruise ship industry events of the summer. Companies used each of their individual spaces as a canvas to showcase their products in the most creative of ways.

For Innovation Lounges, it wasn’t just one brand to showcase, but fourteen. ILM Brand Members were given the opportunity to contribute their products to the booth, with their individual and collaborative efforts resulting in a cohesive space that transformed ILM’s “blank canvas” into an innovative interior design space, while still highlighting each individual product and brand.

The expo itself was held at the Miami Exposition Center, a huge space in Miami Beach complete with a private VIP area in the center, decorated booths all around the hall, and most importantly, lots of people. ILM’s booth stood out thanks to its design making it very comfortable and inviting. There were places to sit, creative designs to admire, and people to talk to.

For instance, if an attendee was admiring the bed, Michala was there to discuss their gorgeous luxury linens, while Hespera was there to give insight on the sustainable, circular mattress. If you liked the frame of his sun lounger, Andres from Baumtec USA could let you know that it was made from the Baumtec SWC, or sustainable wood composite, a revolutionary product designed with the environment in mind.

The detailed planning and hard work put in was able to come to fruition thanks to each brand member who came together to support the booth and each other. With the result being one of the most highly visited booths at the event, brand members and representatives were thrilled to celebrate the booth’s success at the official CSI afterparty held at the ILM showroom.