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Hespera Launches Revolutionary 100% Circular Mattresses For Cruises

Hespera Launches Revolutionary 100% Circular Mattresses for Cruises

Miami, FL, May 9, 2022 – combines comfort and next level sustainability with the introduction of 100% circular mattresses for cruises. Launching at the Cruise Interior Expo in Miami on 7th and 8th of June 2022, these mattresses are a revolution in this industry. These fully sustainable products help cruises realize a necessary and substantial reduction of their carbon footprint by an average of 200 kilograms in 9 years per mattress. Eco-designed for lifetime extension and smart recycling, the circular proposition considerably reduces costs and increases investment value.

Yearly, a staggering 20 million mattresses in the USA and 30 million in Europe are landfilled or incinerated. The latest Hespera H series and C series are all about up-cycling, and thus offer a means to reduce this loss of resources. During their usage life, they remain new from a comfort and sustainability point of view when maintained properly, and even have value after their period of use comes to an end. They are constructed in a modular way, which allows for the replacement and effective recuperation of resources, reducing the amount of waste generated by this product. These unglued mattresses are lighter, more comfortable, better ventilated, washable (and therefore more hygienic), considerably reducing the chances of getting bedbugs. They are also considerably safer, as they cannot burn.

The environmentally-friendly IMO MED certified mattresses are available as highly luxurious mattresses for guests and crew, both for single and double beds in metric and imperial sizes. In an identical way, production, delivery, take back, up-cycling, and replacement takes place both in Europe and America, reducing the amount of scope 3 emissions. Identification, tracking, and tracing is performed by means of an RFID H-pace tracking system, allowing for an optimization of resource efficiency and making replacement faster and more sustainable.

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