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Baumtec USA’s Sustainable Wood Composite is the Future of Circular Construction

Baumtec USA’s Sustainable Wood Composite Fencing System Set to Change the Game

Made of wood waste using 95% of the biomass of each tree making it 100% Carbon Neutral, Sustainable Wood Composite offers a circular, long-lasting, low maintenance alternative for wood, OSB, fiber-cement, vinyl and more.

Miami, FL, May 14, 2022 – Baumtec USA recently introduced the world to its revolutionary new product; sustainable wood composite, or SWC. The philosophy behind all SWC production includes a focus on sourcing locally, reducing CO2 emissions, and promoting the fight against deforestation. Baumtec’s primary reason for bringing this product to life is to benefit our planet’s future. 

As for the various uses for SWC, Baumtec is excited to announce their new and improved fencing system. Their slabs are composed of 100% SWC, and are paired with aluminum posts and bases. Baumtec USA’s fully slated horizontal fence is easily inserted into channeled aluminum posts. This system allows for either the slabs to stack together, or with any amount of desired separation. The installation process is simple and fast, as lots of thought has been given to saving installation time for developers with this system. 

The SWC textures are sanded, embossed, and grooved. Slabs range in length from 4 to 8 feet and up to 6 inches wide and 1.5 cm thick, allowing developers to install according to code. Along with size, colors can be fully customized as well. Additionally, this high quality SWC material allows only a 3% humidity absorption of total weight for each piece. This helps to prevent warping, twisting, and other damage that may occur over time to regular wooden fences. Baumtec’s research and development team has left their SWC entirely submerged under water for two months in order to test when the product starts to show absorption and saturation, to ensure that their product .