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Apure Unveils the Future of Architectural Lighting.

Apure Unveils the Future of Architectural Lighting.

In partnership with Studio F.A. Porsche, Apure introduces revolutionary Neo Luxury lighting fixtures that welcome the next era in architectural lighting.

Miami, FL, May 17, 2022 – Following a culmination of over three decades of architectural and lighting expertise, Apure’s founder, Uli Petzold, has collaborated with Germany’s renowned Studio F.A. Porsche to elevate architectural lighting to new heights of sophistication.

Coupling minimalist, environmentally-minded design with precise detailing and intelligent micro-computer controlled technology to create the most powerful recessed and suspension architectural lighting ever developed, the partnership unveils PERCEPTION OF LIGHT—the industry’s most advanced collection of luminaires.

“PERCEPTION OF LIGHT was born out of an urge to bridge the gap between form and function,” Petzold explains, “as we live in a new and ever changing world, living spaces hold identity and importance, and lighting is the Neo Luxury.”

Driven by an innate appreciation for the human condition, and an acute awareness that simplicity is the maximum level of complexity, each Apure product is carefully considered, curated, and manufactured to perfection utilizing sustainable materials, honest workmanship, and the highest production standards.

Consumer-centric and fully customizable, PERCEPTION OF LIGHT luminaires represents the future of light pollution free ambiances—luminaires that solve a very specific architectural need, while supporting today’s lifestyle, reducing environmental impact, and promoting overall well-being.

By incorporating patented technology, first-of-its-kind hardware and software, unique Louvers, glare-free optics, low voltage wires, and discreet fixtures that recess in less than one inch (25mm), Apure accommodates the specialized requirements and remodel needs of architects and lighting designers across the globe.

The minimalist new collection includes six recessed luminaires and three decorative architectural lighting fixtures. Each high-tech design seamlessly integrates into its installed environment to deliver light so sophisticated it is never seen, only experienced.

“We are pleased to present first-of-their-kind luminaires that solve a very specific architectural mission” Petzold shares, “while setting a new standard in aesthetic, efficient, discreet, and environmentally-minded interior illumination.”