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The Shores Cabana Chronicles Featuring Hespera, Michala and DKR

The Shores Cabana Chronicles Featuring Hespera, Michala and DKR

Logistical issues towards the very end of development and the tropical storm that hit Miami the weekend before CSI, made it impossible to include the Shores’s highly anticipated Cabana in the ILM CSI booth. The Shores Cabana is one of the most exciting pieces at ILM and features a hanging king size bed rocking underneath a rustic teak canopy. However, with some brainstorming and creative problem solving. The Cabana bed platform would be taken to the booth to be completed with Hespera circular mattresses, luxury linens by Michala DK, as well as decorative pillows and throw blankets by Donna’s Knits Resources (DKR). The Cabana canopy structure would have its moment to shine— at the CSI after party, where it was assembled and used as a stage for the event’s percussionist.

The hanging bed had been included in many of the booth renderings, and pre-build designs. While its inclusion would have made the booth look even more incredible, it was just as well that the structure could be put to use, though not in the way originally intended, it was certainly not wasted.

Shores still got to show their wonderful product to everyone who attended the afterparty, and the bed still looked great in the convention center despite the last minute design change. Not only did it look great, it felt great too. CSI attendees were eager to sit on the incredibly comfortable bed, and even one CEO even chose to lay in it.

This interest in the bed came with good reason—the mattress was one of HESPERA’s, remarkably soft and inviting. Even more impressive is the fact that this mattress is a completely sustainable, circular product that will be used to innovate the cruise ship industry and reuse innumerable resources.

To explain Hespera’s circularity mission, there is no one more qualified to explain than Christian Vogel, one of HESPERA’s CEOs, who attended the CSI event himself. To quote him, “As worldwide pioneers in circular beds, Hespera is committed to a sustainable future and a healthier planet. With our modular design, focused on lifetime extension and retention of materials, we aim to minimise material waste and emissions, thus reducing the negative impact on our planet. We implement the latest proven technologies, create superior comfort, and most importantly, reduce the ecological footprint of the mattress industry.”