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Radici Marine Offers Sustainable Textile Flooring Option for Ships

Radici Marine Offers Sustainable Textile Flooring Option for Ships

Long Dedicated to Sustainability Goals, Radici Marine launches its Bloom textile flooring made with Econyl, a special nylon yarn that can be recycled, reused and remolded, again and again

Miami, FL, May 9, 2022 – Radici Pietro Industries & Brands SPA is a company active in the high-end textile flooring sector, specialized in the production of textile flooring and artificial grass. Their naval product division, Radici Marine, follows a careful selection of raw materials, particular attention to detail, and a rigorous monitoring of the entire production process.

Radici products are designed with the company’s sustainability goals in mind. The company takes pride in its dedication to searching out and developing new solutions to make products more sustainable, efficient, and reliable. With the introduction of Bloom textile flooring, Radici is doing just that. The customizable Bloom design is composed from 100% Regenerated Nylon that guarantees recyclability, regeneration, and the ability to be reused as raw material.

Bloom textile flooring is made with Econyl yarn, a special nylon that can be recycled, reused and remolded again and again. This yarn is made from industrial waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic and is regenerated through a process that restores the original purity of the nylon. Therefore, Bloom carpeting can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality, ready to become a new carpet full of possibilities.

Bloom is also treated with Virex, a special development from Radici Marine which makes Bloom bacteria, virus and soil resistant. The Virex treatment is safe for both humans and the environment, as it is OEKO-TEX CLASS 1 certified, metal-free, non-dispersive, non-migratory and non-toxic. Its efficacy has been accredited by external certified laboratories to guarantee the greatest safety and comfort for all living spaces.